Looking to Organize Technical Workshop in your College???

EmbedVISION Infotech deals in ON CAMPUS Workshop (College Premises) as well as IN CAMPUS Workshop (EmbedVISION Premises). These Technical Workshops are conducted by our highly experienced and dedicated expert’s team.  We believe in making skillful manpower. Our workshops modules are based on latest technologies and latest tools used in industry. Our workshops content starts from the zero level and we will make you reach up to the extend it is required in industry. Learn latest tools and technologies used in industry. We provide Certificate of Participation and Career guidance to all the participants of the workshop.

Some of the technologies in which EmbedVISION offers technical workshops are ROBOTICS, EMBEDDED SYSTEM, MATLAB, PCB Designing, Circuit Designing, GSM and Network communication and many more.

We would like to introduce EmbedVISION as one of the leading organization sharing goal of


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